Love & Compassion

I believe in love.

I believe in compassion.

I embrace love & compassion & I strive to incorporate these concepts into my daily life... There are times when I am mired in my own insecurities, entangled in a vulnerable state of self-doubt, that I forget momentarily to be compassionate. During these times I try to step back & analyze my thoughts & feelings so that I may return to where I feel most at home, with love & compassion. 

Vulnerability is a strength because it allows the world to see who we are & it allows us to see who we are. I feel that it also allows us to tune in closely to those around us-- Family, friends, loved ones, & even strangers.  We have all experienced a time where we were exposed & were faced with a choice to shut down the vulnerable feeling or simply embrace it. When it comes to vulnerability, there  really is nothing to be afraid of. 

We are all in some way connected to one another. So remember to love & to be compassionate.