Malaga Cove Engagement Photos: Mark + Shauna


You could never tell from these engagement photos but it was cold cold COLD this day— Luckily Mark and Shauna brought the heat! They even braved the water barefoot— I really couldn’t believe how many risks they were willing to take.

Rancho Palos Verdes is certainly known for its many breathtaking beaches so it is difficult to choose one for an engagement session. I typically suggest either Abalone Cove or Malaga Cove because of how simple it is to access the beach. Malaga Cove Plaza is just a few minutes away from the beach if couples are looking for a little variety in their engagement pictures.

Mark and Shauna currently live in Long Beach where Mark works for the Coast Guard and Shauna is a pre-school teacher in Newport Beach. They actually fell in love in Hawaii where they were introduced through mutual friends and they hope to return to the big island in the near future.

Shauna’s is a free-spirit with compassionate demeanor making everyone around her feel safe. It is so sweet the way Mark held her in his arms during the shoot in order to keep her warm. Some times you meet a couple and you just know that their love is absolutely real.

They will be getting married at The Queen Mary for what is sure to be an incredible wedding on the water…