Irvine Regional Park Family Session: Erin + Cody + Aubrey

She has their whole heart. From here to the moon and back... times infinity...

Cody and Erin are a devoted couple who adore their 9 month old daughter, Aubrey. She is the love and light of their life. Aubrey is a cheerful little bambino whose first teeth are peaking through in her ear-to-ear smile. Watching Cody and Erin play, laugh and love Aubrey is like watching the sun rise for the very first time. It is just beautiful. And for a new parent like me, I am jotting down notes, tips and words of wisdom from their invaluable experience. 

The three of us journeyed out to Irvine Regional Park on a gorgeous winter evening to watch the sun set and chase some golden light. We truly had a wonderful time hiking through the park and stopping to play with Aubrey while snapping some photos. I loved their outfit choices as it complimented the rustic park so well. Cody and Erin are doing a stellar job giving Aubrey a life of adventure and joy.  

The sunset was stunning. The light was perfect. And this family warmed my heart. Below are a few photos from their family session in Irvine Regional Park.