Natural History Museum Los Angeles Wedding: Megan + Matt


They were co-workers at a Human Resources company. She was a familiar face and so was he. Aside from the pleasant smile and polite hello they barely said a word. That all changed when as fate would have it, on Valentine’s Day those without plans in the office organized a night out at a bar. It was there they finally stuck up a conversation. After the two of them talked for hours over drinks and a “massive” cheese plate - to which Matt kept secret he wasn’t the biggest fan of cheese- the rest as they say is history.


In the company of massive dinosaur bones, vaulted ceilings, Corinthian pillars, and a stunning rotunda the Natural History Museum LA is a unique wedding venue. I love how their photos turned in each and every part of the museum. The couple was married in the rotunda under the glorious stained glass dome. In the center of the room is a Beaux-Arts statue titled “Three Muses.” The ceremony space was absolutely perfect for their private event. You couldn’t help but be in awe of such a stunning couple saying their vows in a truly magical space.

Once the ceremony concluded the cocktail hour was held in the Grand Foyer where guests got to choose from Megan and Matt’s signature cocktails: a cucumber cooler and a spicy margarita. With a giant Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton lurking in the Grand Foyer, friends and family mingled with each other until it was to head into The North American Mammal Hall.

After a healthy round of speeches, dinner, the cake cutting and a quick rendezvous on the dance floor. The couple and I returned to the Grand Foyer to take advantage of the giant dinosaur bones for their romantic session. The Natural History Museum LA provides some amazing wedding photos. There was absolutely a “Night at The Museum” vibe for this soirée. By the time we concluded our photo session the dessert table and photo booth opened inside The African Mammal Hall. Megan chose her favorite dessert for her wedding: cake pops from none other then Starbucks! And of course, there were donuts too :)

This wedding was absolutely unbelievable from start to finish. To conclude the evening friends and family lined up along the whale bridge as the newlyweds made their way through an abundance of bubbles for their grand exit. It was perfection- just like Megan and Matt!