Dan & Shannon

Aaron was wonderful to work with and we are thrilled with the photos! I am a pretty shy person and do not like attention. I couldn't even sleep the night before our engagement shoot because I was so anxious of having someone follow me around with a camera. Well, we met Aaron the next day and I realized immediately that he was the perfect photographer for me. I was laughing nervously the whole time but he made me feel as comfortable as I could be. In the end, I survived the shoot and was really happy with the photos! We had a small wedding at the Beverly Hills Courthouse a few weeks later and Aaron was able to find spots in the area hidden from cars and pedestrians. He even made the dingy little courthouse room look nice. The next day, we had a reception at the beach. It was super casual but he was able to capture the love and happiness in the air. I am so glad we found Aaron. The shots, angles, and colors of the photos are amazing! We've received so many compliments. He took some of the least elegant settings and made them look beautiful! I loved working with Aaron and the photos he took and you will too!