Follow Their Lead & Explore

Last week, my sister threw a birthday party at Rush Park for my nephew Liam. It was a small & intimate gathering of close family. The weather was close to perfect after 3 days of sweltering heat in mid-October. Liam turned 4 & was naturally the star of the day, running around playing a game of soccer with his cousins. While all this was going on, I noticed Liam's cousin off in the grass exploring the contents of the park with his dad Brian. Watching Finn joyfully explore new things is a good reminder for those of us caught up in the monotony of day to day adult life. Bills, clean, lunch, dinner, clean, bills, work etc.... We can't forget that it is important take the time to enjoy the little things.


Thank you Finn, for reminding me of my need to explore this beautiful world. Also, you're pretty darn cute!