Remember To Enjoy The Journey

They say (whoever they is) that patience is a virtue. I feel I must sit & ponder these words at this moment. When I set my mind to some thing I have trouble letting things take their natural course. I want results & I want them now. I believe that is the underlying theme of my professional endeavors at the moment. I have done more then I thought I would do in less then a years time since making the decision to be a photographer yet, I still want more, more, MORE! I think that is only natural for creatives or a professional in relatively any new field to grow impatient because they aren't seeing immediate results. I watched my wife toil through 3 years of graduate school training to be a psychologist. In her last year, despite how ready she felt to take the reigns she had to be patient. I need this reminder as I flip through various social media accounts (facebook, pinterest, instagram, etc.) & make unnecessary upward comparisons about my progression. I am not competing with anyone but myself. I need to focus on the long game & enjoy the now-- enjoy the journey at hand-- Stay positive. Also, practice. Practice. Practice & practice some more!