Have You Ever Loved A Woman?

Have you ever loved a woman so much...

Flashback to four years ago (in a galaxy far far away...)

I was finishing up my last year of undergrad & Dani was in her very first semester of graduate school. We were in different time zones, opposite coasts & our relationship survived on a series of late night phone calls, text messages & YouTube videos made by yours truly. All I wanted was the day-to-day with her where multiple time zones didn't present themselves as an obstacle. This is what our first year together was like. I am not going to lie, it was tough! On her birthday that year, I wished nothing more then to spend the day with her-- to lift her up & make her feel special. Instead I settled, or, rather she settled, on phone calls, text messages & a bouquet of flowers. 

I am not sure why on this morning of Dani's birthday that this memory struck me first. I suppose it is that I not only feel incredibly fortunate to be married to her but I am also grateful for being in the same time zone, under the same roof where we share the day-to-day. I would like to add myself to the running list of men who married out of their league-- way out of their league. Dani is a superhuman & I am a mere mortal. She is the definition of a good person--selfless, compassionate, gracious & dedicated. She has simultaneously kept me grounded & lifted me to heights I never imagined possible for myself.  I love the life we have created & the future we strive for. Happy birthday to my beautiful wife. I want you to feel cherished & special every day of the year. I love you, Birdie.