Be Creative- Take a Leap of Faith

At times, being creative seems like an arduous task. Things exist solely in your head & you are stymied by self-doubt, negative thoughts & (if you're like me) totally unrealistic, hypothetical scenarios where you only experience failure. Recently I have rediscovered that being creative requires a bit of hard work & you can't wait around for that moment of inspiration to strike. I have read this, heard this, spoken these very words but it is a good reminder to all people striving to be creative. Keep on keeping on...

For me being creative also requires a daily dose of small leaps of faith. I never know what awaits around the corner, or what the end result will be -- & most of the time this excites me however, sometimes it strikes fear into my soul & I find myself stagnant. Fear can be a friend & fear can be your worst enemy. Sometimes it is fear that motivates you to be better, take on more risks, make more mistakes & learn to be a better you.

Making the decision to be a professional photographer required a huge leap of faith on my part but I made the jump & haven't looked back. I didn't know what would transpire & the story will always be a little bit unfinished. But I am glad I didn't let fear prevent me from taking that leap into something that made me happy. "Leap & the net will appear..."