We Are Family-- familia es todo

   Family is everything... familia es todo


Family is everything...familia es todo


Family is the support you get when you take on new endeavors.

Family is the yelling & screaming over a Sunday night dinner only to come back the next week to do it all over again with a smile on your face.

Family is giving tough love when & where it is needed.

Family is making someone feel a part of your family & thus create a bigger family.

Family is putting up with sarcasm, passive aggressive comments & the occasional eye-roll & knowing that in the end everyone means well. 

Family is a Friday night where instead of going out to get drinks with friends, you opt to sit by a bonfire with brothers & sisters because they are your friends.  

Family is splitting your time between families during the holidays to make everyone happy.

Family is a constant reminder that we are lucky for where we are & what we have. 

Family is something you do not choose & then, sometimes it is. 

My brother Bennett chose to make a family with this lovely person. Jordan, is a member of our family & vice versa. She is strong-willed, intelligent, compassionate, funny & 100% awesome. Bennett is lucky-- & Dani & I are lucky to have her as family. Happy Birthday, "Uncle" Jordan. Here is to a bright future rich with family! Also, I hope your day is spider free... ;)