Los Encinos State Historic Park - Rubin Family

Every now & again it is important that we take a moment to recognize just how important our loved ones are. Our friends & family are the lifeline to happiness. 

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I spent an afternoon with my sister-in-laws beautiful family, the Rubin's- Jason, Paige, Taylor & Josh. They live just down the street from the peaceful Los Encinos State Historic Park. The weather was cold & the wind felt brisk but it was perfect "jacket weather." The clouds hung in the sky lazily as if they too were relaxing for the Thanksgiving weekend. The Rubin's & I took a break from playing Apples to Apples to spend some time in the park.

Meet the Rubin's. Jason, Taylor, Josh & Paige. They are such a wonderful, close knit unit that really knows how to have a good time ;)

Paige chose their wardrobe but I swear they look they belong in an Anthropologie advertisement!

Some times you just need to stop, have a little fun & be silly! Why not?

Oh did I mention they have one of the cutest little dogs around? This is Dexter, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is so well behaved & a very important member of the Rubin clan :)

Nothing like taking pictures during magic hour. I love that golden light!

Taylor & Josh have the typical sibling rivalry every now & again but 99.9% of the time there is nothing but love & admiration. They are the best of friends & each other's support. It reminds me of my relationship with my older sister in SO many ways :)

Josh is incredibly creative, imaginative & can make just about any one laugh. Josh loves to play sports but his latest goal is to become an actor & have his own television series. I think after seeing these pictures The Disney Channel or Nickelodeon should be calling in a few weeks!

Taylor is the older sister to Josh. She is brilliant, creative & wise beyond her years. Taylor enjoys to draw but most of all she loves playing soccer. Taylor ran some circles around me with the soccer ball. So talented...

Nothing is more special then a mother & her kids. While at the Rubin household, Josh read me a story he wrote in school about how his mom was his hero. Cute :)


Paige & Jason have been together since their days in college. The love between them is truly incredible. 

More sibling love...& Dexter

Such a lovely day with a lovely family <3