Do Epic Shit

What do you do when you feel less then confident? As a creative, what happens to you when you feel like your creativity is the equivalent of sitting in standstill traffic on a Friday night in Los Angeles? 

I had been pondering questions like these for the last couple hours when I stumbled across this picture I took in August. This memo sits atop the desk in the home studio of the wonderfully talented artist Lisa Engelbrecht. Sadly, Lisa passed last year but her spirit most definitely lives on. Her studio is overflowing with tiny cues to inspiration. From pictures of Elvis & Bob Dylan-- newspaper clippings & those ceramic cats that wave to you from a Chinese market-- & of course her art-- her poetry. This clipping she had pasted to her desk is just a taste of her work as she was quite a prolific creative soul. I never really got the chance to know Lisa in this world but the outpouring of love from family & friends after her passing was incredible. I swear it could move mountains. I guess what I am trying to say is a year later it still moves me.

 She lit her community on fire (in a good way, of course) & she was a source of inspiration to those around her. Her words & art undoubtedly live on eternally. As I create my studio space & build a life around art, photography & just plain being a good person as she most definitely was, I too want to be fearless. Peace, everyone & everything.