Favorite Photo Of The Year

As this year comes to a close I have been doing quite a bit of reflecting. There are many proud moments to which I think I may write about in more depth later. For now however, I am inclined to keep it simple & share my personal favorite photo of the year. This photo is from Robin & Ember's wedding in August & I think it says so much about the couple. The pose is simple, relaxed, honest & romantic. Ember's eyes are striking & it as if you can feel her joy from having just completed her vows. Though I posed Robin, his expression is 100% genuinely his, for he adores Ember & this is their first moment alone as a married couple.

There is romance, in this photo.

There is honesty in this photo. 

This is everything I want to do in spades in the year 2016 with all future couples. Congratulations to Robin & Ember who got married this year &  thank you thank you thank you doing 99% of the work for this photo because you two look amazing! Cheers to the couple.